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Mix It Up: Fall Pimm's Cup


Though the temperatures continue to tease us with their will-they-won’t-they dip below 80 dance, we’re thinking about fall flavors.

Luckily for us, stone fruits such as apricots used to make Kinsman pair exceedingly well with apples and cinnamon — classic autumnal tastes that hint at cooler climes and crunchy leaves.

Our fall menu will be released this upcoming October 18, but here’s a quick tease — sweaters optional.

Fall Pimm’s Cup

1 ounce Kinsman Rakia

1/2 ounce lemon juice

1/2 ounce Pimm’s

1/2 ounce brown sugar simple infused with cinnamon and star anise

1/4 ounce All-Spice Dram

Irish Red Ale for topping

Combine all ingredients except the beer in a tin over ice. Shake. Pour into Collins glass and top with Irish Red Ale.



Go Explore: Visit Petra at Pastiche


Head into San Antonio’s Eastside and meet the folks at Pastiche!

If they look familiar, you may be a cocktail aficionado. The bar is the third operated by barman Benjamin Krick, who was responsible for menus at Juniper Tar, along with setting the tone at Jetsetter and now Pastiche.

For those unfamiliar with 1800 century art movements, Pastiche is “an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.” The interiors, rehabbed from their 1930s glory, are cozy and charming, and complete with Mucha the cat, an orange tabby that will become your new best friend.

Fans of Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. will be glad to know the staff has added a Kinsman cocktail for all to enjoy. Petra, served in a curvaceous Champagne flute, brings together Old World European ingredients like Ratafia Champenois, Italicus, Kinsman and Sparkling rosé in homage to the same art noveau style the bar draws from.

While away an evening at Pastiche with Petra on the patio. You’ll never know what it’ll inspire.



George's Keep's Butterfly Kisses


Let’s be frank — though Summer is winding down, seasonal menus will stay put until the weather starts dipping into the 70s.

That having been said, this gives you more chances to try the Butterfly Kisses at George’s Keep! Created by bartender extraordinaire Nick Kenna, the Butterfly Kisses is a patio pounder worth ordering as it combines Kinsman rakia, with the botanicals of gin, lemon, and lavender Butterfly Pea Flower Tea simple syrup. Not familiar with Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? This blue tea is made from petals and is known for its dramatic change to purple when combined with a citrus agent, in this case lemon juice.

The result is a balanced cocktail that’s as beautiful as it is tasty.

Try it at home by combining 1 ounce Kinsman Rakia, 1 ounce gin, 3/4 ounce lemon juice, 3/4 ounce butterfly pea tea/ lavender syrup in a tin over ice; shake and strain into chilled coupe. Or put down the pumpkin spice and the scarves and order one at George’s Keep today!



A Kinsman Paloma

DSC_0120 (1).JPG

Often times inspiration strikes in quirky ways.

Bar regular Silvia Alcaraz, owner of Dignowity Kolaches and Cocina Heritage Catering, popped into the tasting room with a bottle of Fresca and asked for a Paloma.

The Paloma, a cocktail that combines grapefruit soda with tequila, hails from Mexico and is comparable to the Greyhound, which combines grapefruit juice with either gin or vodka.

For our summer menu, we combined Kinsman Rakia with grapefruit juice, lime juice, and topped it with Fresca. We finish the cocktail with a healthy shake of Peychaud’s and a beautiful grapefruit slice for added zest.

Kinsman Paloma

1 1/2 Kinsman Rakia

1/2 ounce Grapefruit Juice

1/2 ounce Lime Juice

Fresca, for topping (or grapefruit soda of choice)

Peychaud’s bitters

Directions // Combine Kinsman and juices in a tin with ice. Give it a quick shake, pour into a rocks glass and garnish with a grapefruit slice. Add crushed ice. Top with Fresca (or grapefruit pop of choice); add Peychaud’s and enjoy.



What's Serbian for Ranch?


Even if you’ve never made your way to West Texas, the chances you’ve heard of or tasted Ranch Water are pretty high.

Made popular by Gage Hotel and Marfa-goers, Ranch Water is a classic Highball that combines tequila, lime juice and soda water. These days, regulars and fans of Kinsman are ditching tequila in favor of a little apricot sweetness.

“One of my favorite drinks is Kinsman Rakia, Topo, and lime because it’s very refreshing and very drinkable on a hot day. It’s super approachable for someone that has never tried Rakia, but you can also clearly taste the flavor of the spirit,” said Kalyn Davidson.

While Kinsman can be found as far west as The Black Orchid in El Paso, there should be little stopping you from trying this tipple at home with your favorite un-aged apricot brandy. Grab a bottle from Twins, Spec’s, Pig Liquors or Alamo City Liquors and enjoy the rest of your summer!

What’s Serbian for Ranch? A Kinsman Highball.

Makes 1

1 1/2 ounces Kinsman Rakia

Juice of half a lime

Topo or your favorite soda water

Combine Kinsman, lime and ice in a shaking tin. Shake well. Pour into Collins glass and top with crushed ice. Top with soda water of choice and enjoy!



The Rim Gets Ready to Rock (and Rye)


The Rim Shopping Center has been an evolving project since its inception. And a new bar is looking to indoctrinate its denizen into the realm of world-class cocktails.

Bar veteran Don Marsh, most well-known for Southtown’s Bar 1919 at the Blue Star Art Complex, is heading straight up I-10 to open Rock and Rye, a new craft cocktail spot set for late 2019 named after the barroom staple that adds hard candy to young rye to mellow out the sting.

The plan was always to open another concept up north, said Don, who shared details of the new bar over a bowl of noodles at a neighboring restaurant. “I wanted to bring what's going on in Downtown and SouthTown up north, and always, always wanted to come up to The Rim,” said Don. “This is the new central part of San Antonio.”

Though Rock and Rye will rely on the magic that made Bar 1919 a great speakeasy — Don’s signature love of dark wood and old grandeur — bar-goers can also expect a sprawling patio to greet them for the night.

Inside, the 3,500-square-foot space will feature 10 four-top tables along the side wall, and three large community tables that will accommodate up to 10 guests each. In other words, get ready to make some new bar friends.


Rock and Rye’s size will also allow for twice as many bottles and then some with Don hoping to eventually reach 3,000 on display, and this will, of course, include Kinsman Rakia. The pièce de résistance? A 12-foot backbar complete with sliding ladders. Classic cocktails from Bar 1919 will make the trek, as well as a 20-tap craft beer system with four HighWheel brews.

“I get that question a lot, “Do you support local?,” said Don. “ Yeah, if they're good.”

As to who will frequent Rock and Rye, Don says regulars will visit, but the built-in clientele afforded by The Rim and its neighboring apartment complexes will become the bulk of bar-goers looking for a new cocktail experience.

“There is so much traffic around here,” Don said. “Rock and Rye will be a grown-up’s playground!”


Like Bar 1919 did with neighboring SouthTown bars, Rock and Rye will elevate the drinking scene when it hits the Rim this winter.

“I love analogies … when a bunch of dogs get together for the first time, they're stressed out, you know why? They don't know who the alpha is. Once they find out, “Cool, you're in charge, I’m good,” said Don. “We're the alpha. We're going to show guests what they're drinking.”

Get ready to Rock (and Rye) from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday this next shopping season.



Meet Our Take on The Painkiller


This April, we stretched our creative muscles behind the bar and added four limited-run cocktails that highlight the versatility of Kinsman Rakia.

We tackled strong and boozy with the Arsenic + New Lace, dabbled in herbaceous with a Bijou, and added froth with a Pink Lady, but the most popular tippler by far has been our Kinsman-based Painkiller.

We traded rum for nuanced Kinsman Rakia, while still keeping the traditional tiki vibes with fresh pineapple juice and orange juice, silky coconut cream and a light dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.

The Kinsman pairs exceedingly well with the citrus and tropical flavors making this a hard-to-beat patio pounder that transports you to the Virgin Islands without leaving SoFlo.

Come try one in our tasting room Thursday, Friday or Saturday starting at 5 p.m.



The Return of the Cucumber Collins

DSC_0024 copy.JPG

Spring is ALMOST here, and we can already taste it. As such, the Cucumber Collins is making a menu comeback!

Crafted by Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co.’s former bar creative Nick Kenna, the Cucumber Collins takes a spicy turn with the addition of a habanero simple syrup, while staying refreshing as ever with Kinsman Rakia, fresh cucumber juice and a splash of Topo Chico. It’s finished off with a light dusting of Trechas chile-sugar mix.

Come try one of these classics for yourself and stay tuned for more springtime cocktails in the coming weeks!