This November 1, Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. is adding a necessary piece to our puzzle. Brittany Dinhobl AKA Britt-Britt joins the staff as barkeep and creative ready to take your order and help keep educating our visitors in all things Dorćol.

Britt-Britt’s journey into bartending wasn’t linear. A self-described military baby, Britt-Britt was born in Germany and made her way to Bandera, Texas, “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” she states matter-o-factly. At 18, she got her first job at Walmart. She eventually got her associate degree in liberal arts at San Antonio College in hopes of becoming an English teacher, but pivoted after her first semester at UTSA.

“It wasn’t for me,” Britt said, “I wanted to pursue my dream of bartending, but I didn’t know how. I had no service experience.”

She worked at an airplane manufacturing company for several years before she decided to pursue her passion behind the bar. At around the same time, an El Paso-based company was making its way to the San Antonio area featuring a wall’s worth of delicious beer taps and delectable bar snacks.

Britt joined the staff at Hoppy Monk as a bar-back, helping to keep the bar stocked and clean. Though she’d eventually excel as a bartender and assistant manager, Britt worked her way up the ranks, learning how to pair flavors and exploring new combinations.

Her first cocktail to make the cut at Hoppy Monk? A boozy, peach-forward tipple named the De Pêche Mode filled with — you guessed it — Kinsman Rakia. The drink went on to become one of the Monk’s best-selling, and landed on this year’s Greatest Sips menu.

“There’s a sweetness to Kinsman and a smoothness you don’t find in other spirits,” Britt said. “It just worked in the cocktail perfectly.”

Britt leaned on Kinsman again especially during the holidays when helping bar manager Ricardo Ruiz create the Monk’s Brandy Alexander offerings. The love didn’t stop at Kinsman. She would use HighWheel brews to build syrups, like the spice-filled porter syrup used in last year’s Brandy Alexander.

When she considered what her next steps would be in the industry, Britt often used Dorćol as a guide.

“I always wanted to work here or work somewhere like Dorćol where I could assist with brewing and distilling as needed. I used it as a guide,” Britt said.

Britt knew it was now or never when it came to applying for our bar creative position this summer.

“When I saw the position come up, I felt like I was finally ready,” Britt said. “Working at Hoppy gave me a lot of tools and experience. I needed to take the plunge.”

At Dorćol, Britt will help develop seasonal menus and execute our expansive cocktail menu using Kinsman and HighWheel. She’ll use her personable skills to host regulars and continue introducing new faces to our brand. The perks of the job? No limits on what she can create.

“The sky’s the limit, but it’ll also be a challenge. Being able to have one ingredient to focus on and make it a spotlight and adding elements … it’ll be challenging, but I’m looking forward to contributing,” Britt said.

There’s also something so invigorating about a clean slate.

“I’m adding on to a new layer of myself and contributing as much as I can to the business while growing and bettering an already great business,” Britt said. “I’ve been a fan girl, so I feel like my dreams are coming true. I’m at a great point in my life for now so this is the cherry on top for me.”