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We're Canning Betty!


Since December 2015, fans of Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. have asked to take their favorite beers home. Almost four years later, visitors will be able to do just that. 

With the passing of House Bill 1545, which allows breweries to sell beer directly to guests, Dorćol invested in the design of a HighWheel Betty can. Designed by Heavy Heavy Co., a San Antonio-based creative services studio, our Betty can features the now-signature blonde and showcases the ale’s drinkability. 

“To finally be able to send folks home with a sixer of Betty, our most popular beer, will have an impact on brand recognition, marketing and overall growth for us at Dorćol,” said co-founder Boyan Kalusevic. 

Cans will be available for pick up in packs of six starting the night of September 5 during our Music For Advanced Listeners residency with DJs Hello Darby (AKA Steven Darby and co-designer of the label), Nova Soul, and Caribbean snacks by The Jerk Shack. 

“San Antonians and other guests have waited for this for four long years,” said brewer and co-owner Randy Ward, “Come and get it!”



Like us on Untappd!


After three years of self-distributing HighWheel brews across San Antonio and beyond, beer drinkers can finally like our beers on Untappd!

In the platform, beer fans are able to check in and give us real-time feedback on our beers. That’s why we’re asking fans of HighWheel to jump on the bandwagon and give our venue (Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co.) and our brewery (Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co.) a follow!

We’ll keep you posted on all things HighWheel, including upcoming beers and releases and any other fun events we host at Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co.

Make sure to rate us wherever you go, and keep those 5-star reviews coming! It helps folks find our beers and helps us keep making beers you love!



A Summer Stout Release


This past January, head brewer Randy Ward released our highest ABV beer yet with the Russian Imperial Stout, modeled after dark beers crafted by the English to export to Russia in the early 18th century. Story has it that once Empress Catherine II got a taste for the imported stout, which known for its durability and endurance as it made its way across the Baltic into Russia, the brew solidified its place in history.

And after several months in a port barrel, the RIS is back for more.

Flavor notes include chocolate, roast, and coffee, as well as fig, raisin, and prune contributed by the port. 

“It starts with a port like boozy nose, but finishes on the palate complex and balanced,” Randy said.

Try it for yourself this June! We’re releasing it in the taproom on June 14 so come by for a pour and a few surprises.

70 IBU, 9% ABV, 71 SRM.



HighWheel Coq Hardi Wins Bronze at L.A. Beer Competition


The name is tongue in cheek, but this win certainly is not.

HighWheel Coq Hardi earned a bronze at this year’s Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition this April.

Of the 1,520 entries from 244 breweries hailing from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, HighWheel Coq Hardi was only bested by the Beachwood BBQ-Long Beach’, Un Atout and the 2kids Brewing Company’s Rocket Powered Geese, which won gold and silver, respectively.

HighWheel Coq Hardi is one of Dorcol Distilling + Brewing’s year-round offerings, and was one of the original four beers made by head brewer and co-owner Randy Ward. Coq Hardi, named after the Walloon flag, is a traditional saison.  This food friendly beer is made with a strain of yeast from a well respected saison brewery in the Walloon region of Belgium.  

“The yeast strain, coupled with the simple malt bill and combination of two different hops, gives this beer a crisp flavor with notes of clove, pepper, and bubblegum,” said Ward.

Get a taste for this distinctive brew in our taproom at 1902 S. Flores St., Bar 1919 and SoHill Cafe.



Stop, Collaborate + Listen: Our Ranger Creek Collab!


Brewers have to stick together. That’s why we invited our friends at Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling to join us for a collaboration brew this spring.

After a San Antonio Beer Week meeting at Ranger Creek, Randy and Ranger Creek brewer Holland Lawrence chatted about brews they wanted to try their hands on. Conversations on sours…well, soured, but they turned their attention to Belgium.

IMG_0228 copy.jpg

Randy and Daniel teamed up with Holland and brewer’s assistant Zach Wolfe this past April to create the latest HighWheel Small Batch release, a Belgian Dubbel using a traditional Trappist strain of yeast and Belgian candy sugar. To put a twist on the classic abbey brew, Randy and Holland infused the beer with a mix of sweet and tart cherries.

Brew day involved an early morning start, breakfast tacos, lots of coffee, pizza, and “studiously watching the brew,” per Randy.

IMG_0221 copy.jpg

The result is a rose-hued beer with notes of fig and cherry with a nice Belgian funk on the back end.

Find it at Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. and select tap rooms across San Antonio.

18 IBU, 7.9% ABV, 22 SRM

Make sure to check in on Untappd and give us a 5-star review!



Sooner or Lager: We're making a Pils!

DSC_0230 copy.JPG

Spring has sprung at the warehouse, but while we’re enjoying the mild temperatures, Randy’s thinking ahead to those sweltering South Texas days. As such, he created our first HighWheel lager, a golden yellow Czech-style number that’ll keep you cool as the temperatures keep climbing.

This time, Randy leaned into the pils, named after the Czech city of Plzen and known for its crisp, clean finish. Using traditional Czech hops, he delivered a 5.9 percent ABV pale lager with mild bitterness, that’ll rival Betty with its refreshing and easy-drinking quality. Come try one in the tasting room starting April 26!

IBU:  30, ABV: 5.9%, color: 3.8 SRM


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FeBREWary Updates


This January, we released our heftiest ale yet — our HighWheel Russian Imperial Stout.

For February, Randy took it down a notch with an American Brown Ale, released during our GroundDog Day celebration on February 2 (Groundhog Day, get it?). This was only the third-ever HighWheel American Brown Ale.

This malty beer with an American hop presence clocked in at 30 IBUs, 6.1 percent ABV , and 19 SRM. Ask for it at Piatti Eilan, all Big Hops locations, Stout House, Dignowity Meats, St. Joseph’s Hall, The Point Park & Eats and 502 Bar.

Or stop by Dorćol for a taste, and while you’re here, sample our core lineup (Betty Kölsch, Coq Hardi Saison, 56 IPA, Porter, Hefeweizen, Irish Red Ale and Extra Pale Ale), as well as our HighWheel Small Batch series (Russian Imperial Stout, and Black Kölsch).

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