This October 12, Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. will cap off Oktoberfest season with a larger-than-life event. Together with our neighbors and area businesses including H-E-B, Laxson Co. Meat Wholesaler, and Oversea Casing Company, we’re cooking up the Longest Sausage in Texas!

At more than 300 feet long, the San Antonio pork and beef blend will be stuffed at the neighborhood family-owned Laxson Meats on October 11 at 7:30 a.m. It’ll beat the previous record held by Chef Brian Luscher of Dallas, who smoked a 249-foot link in 2014. The sausage will then be cooked in the street in a custom designed oven by Chefs Randy Evans (Director of Culinary Development at H-E-B) and John Russ (Chef- Owner of Clementine) for more than 3 hours during the Oktoberfest in Southtown block party.

The sausage will weigh in at more than 240 pounds, and we’re hoping the newest Longest Sausage in Texas will feed a crowd of 500 San Antonians. It’ll be paired with tomato mostardo, potato salad by The Farmers Butcher, sauerkraut by Madge’s Food Company, and a roll, with 100 percent of plate sales benefiting Respite Care of San Antonio.

Respite Care of San Antonio (Respite Care) is a homegrown nonprofit started by local parents in 1987 to offer relief to parents caring for children with special needs and complex medical issues. Today, Respite Care serves approximately 400 children and 100 families annually across 24/7 emergency shelters, foster care, full-time early childhood education, day/night respite sessions and school recess camps.

The sausage will pair with our fourth annual Dunkelweizen, a traditional dark wheat Bavarian brew, and we’ll have HighWheel steins available for purchase for $10.

Join us for a day in Southtown this October 12 from noon to 1a.m. filled with Oktoberfest-style tents, art vendors, bands and plenty of Kinsman cocktails and HighWheel brews to enjoy!