Chris Mobley


Chris co-founded Dorćol with Boyan and is responsible for making sure both Nick and Boyan get out of bed in the morning. His other duties include janitorial and landscaping (which explains why the distillery often smells like Fabuloso and the plants are dead) and with keeping it together when the other two go Fifty Shades of Cray.

Valentino Lucio

Bar Manager 

Vaaaaaal joined the team in 2015 after leaving a 10-year career as a journalist. He does a little bit of everything but you'll mostly find him slinging drinks behind the bar. 



Boyan co-founded Dorćol with Chris, and has since been relegated to the role of a dishwasher. He has also taken on the role of being a regular pain in Nick and Chris’ ass.  Finally, Boyan is the person Chris blames for all this; for everything.

randy ward

brewer & Proprietor

Randy joined Dorćol in 2015. No, he did not arrive on a HighWheel but he did bring brewing to Dorćol. Randy loves beer: making it, talking about it, selling it, and of course, drinking it. Randy’s title should be janitor since brewing is 90 percent cleaning. In fact, Randy longs for those quiet moments with his hose nozzle and floor squeegee. Perhaps Randy’s most interesting trait is his knack of always being at the center of Boyan's question, “where did all this water come from?"